Avec Daiteo, c'est facile de centraliser vos données depuis différentes sources grâce à la solution PIM

Aggregate information from different sources into a single database.

Product information related to new regulations or environmental constraints is constantly emerging. Where to store this information ? How to find it easily ? Collecting product data is essential to ensure proper management and distribution of information to customers.

Forget about Excel files that are impossible to keep up to date. Centralize product data from different systems and different departments in a single tool to be efficient.

Enriching your product sheets is above all a team effort.

Stop working in silos. Work efficiently by providing access to multiple services to keep data current. Provide the best work experience to each of your employees by eliminating time-consuming tasks to focus on high value-added actions. Simplify their day-to-day work by clearly defining roles and responsibilities by assigning different rights.

Collaborez sur vos fiches produits Daiteo avec vos différents département
Daiteo vous permet d'automatiser l'export de vos matrices. Gagnez du temps et consacrez vous aux actions avec une vraie valeur ajoutée

Save time in responding to your customers' requests.

The dissemination of product data is not limited to sending a referencing matrix once a year.

More and more additional data is required. With Daiteo, automate the sharing of your product information. Adapt to any request, any format, imposed by your customers. Even the most complex models like FAB-DIS, ETIM, BMECAT.

Facilitate the daily life of your sales representatives.

Every day, sales representatives must respond to customer requests, propose new product lines, make promotional offers, or send technical data sheets. Our goal is to improve the commercial exchanges between manufacturers and their customers on a daily basis.

Opt for a tool that allows you to manage the different prices, to quickly find the right product information and to export them in different formats in a few clicks (Excel, PDF, …). It’s the perfect solution to boost your sales.

Le travail de tous les services est facilité avec Daiteo
Daiteo se connecte à vos structure informatiques existantes pour vous simplifier l'échange des données.

Automatic updates between your different tools.

Integrate connectors to automatically update your product information.

Instead of manually updating your data in your different computer systems or between your different subsidiaries, make the changes directly in Daiteo, they will be reflected everywhere.

Each new reference added in your ERP will be automatically reflected in Daiteo and can be easily communicated to your customers.

A software adapted to all company sizes.

Whatever your industry or the size of your company, Daiteo adapts to your needs. We help manufacturers of all sizes to control their data and sell more. Our solution is extremely flexible.

With features that get to the heart of the matter, Daiteo is perfectly suited to small and medium-sized businesses. While larger companies will be seduced by the high-performance export module that can complement another PIM solution.

Que vous soyez une PME ou un grand groupe, Daiteo est adapté pour vous.
La plateforme Daiteo est facile à prendre en main

A tool that is easy to use and pleasant to look at.

Are you tired of software that is complex to set up and not very intuitive ?

Daiteo is the solution to this problem, offering an easy-to-use tool with a modern interface and powerful features.

Plus, thanks to our implementation process and support, you can deploy Daiteo in just a few days. No more endless projects.

Test Daiteo with a sample
of your product data.

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