Automate all your commercial documents

Daiteo enables you to create templates for exporting your products in PDF format:

  • Product sheet
  • Pricing offer
  • Mini-catalogue…

Reduce the time

needed to create and update your commercial documents

Avoid errors

that lead to back-and-forths

Eliminate costs

related to outsourcing or repetitive manual tasks

PDF models according to your needs

Easily create the structure of your PDF with a flexible and intuitive tool.


Drag and drop elements, select features, customize your document.


Get a real-time preview with one of your products.

your documents to reflect your company's image

Craft PDF documents true to your brand image: logo, colors, font…


Adapt it to all possible formats, in portrait, landscape, A3, A4, A5…


Add cover pages, covers, and manage pagination

your PDF documents massively

Create a single model and massively export your products in that format.


Your product data are linked to Daiteo, so your sheets will have the latest information.

You'll surely like...

Drag and drop

A simple, intuitive system that requires no technical knowledge

Custom font

Import your brand’s font and use it in titles and texts.


Generate unique barcodes for your products.


A3, A4, A5, custom, portrait, or landscape, all choices are possible

ZIP folder

Export your products in a single PDF file or several in a ZIP file


Create documents with several products on a single PDF.


Restrict access to certain users.


Organize your data in tables.

You'll love managing your data