Quickly export your products in PDF format

Exportez vos produits au format PDF dont vous avez besoin

Create PDF templates with a PIM solution

Your PDF needs may be different: brochure, mini-catalog, price list…


Daiteo’s tool allows you to create several templates.


Once you’ve created your templates, all you have to do is select the products you want and export them in PDF format with one click.

Ultra-pushed customization

Easily create your PDF templates with a drag and drop system.


Many blocks available (image, text, list, tables…).


Add one or more cover pages, your logo, your brand’s graphic charter, your font…

Vous pouvez personnaliser vos fiches de données produits
Des fiches de données produits complètes et de qualité grâce aux modèles

Templates and PDF

Do you have products that differ just by their color?


Instead of wasting time making the change on each product, create a hat product and quickly change the products attached to it.


Then export all the products linked to the template in one click.