Manage and transfer your media easily (DAM)

Gather all your media on a single platform, link them to your products, and share them within your company and with your clients.

Avoid scattered media

That lengthen each of your tasks

End duplicated media

That lead to errors and missing information

Stop manually retouching

The names and dimensions of your media


On a single platform, store all your media files:

  • Images
  • Documents
  • Video

Import and assign your media massively thanks to smart functionalities.


Daiteo stores your media or just a URL, depending on your need.


Stop wasting time searching for your files among thousands of others in shared drives.


Classify your media by categories or tags for easier use.


Assign them to products in a few clicks.

Sélectionnez vos produits sur Daiteo puis exportez les en un clic dans tous vos formats nécessaires


Daiteo simplifies the distribution of your media to your partners, clients, and distributors.


Export the media from a list of products, rename them and resize them according to your needs.


No more WeTransfer, get a public URL to share a selection of media.

"Daiteo is a very advanced solution, rapidly evolving thanks to new features offered each month."
Josephine Casays
Marketing Manager France

Supported formats on Daiteo

Image & Video

Product photo, contextual shot, plan, logos, pictograms, promotional video…


Supported formats:
.jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .tif, .tiff, .mp4, etc.


PDF product sheet, user manual, catalog, presentation, design files…


Supported formats:

.pdf, .stp, .zip, .doc, .docx, .svg, .ai, .eps, .ies, .ldt,

The advantages of Daiteo DAM


An interface and product sheets adapted to your internal language


Automatically connect the data from your information system to Daiteo

Multilingual contents

Switch from one language to another in 1 click

The models

Create umbrella products and work on the variants


Magical functionalities

An optimized interface to save time


Work as a team to import and classify your media


Manage access and editing rights


Data stored on secure servers located in Europe

You'll love managing your data