Simplify your daily life and that of your customers.

Manage your media.

Find all your media : photos, videos, technical sheets, regulations, etc. in a single tool and match them with your product sheets.

To save time, import or modify your media in bulk, customize media categories, or add tags.

In short, you have all the tools you need to have perfect control over your media.

Centralisez tous vos médias sur le PIM DAM Daiteo. Via URL ou fichier

Send your media.

To share your media with your customers, Daiteo offers several possibilities.

If your media is managed on a server, website or other software, we can keep the existing link. If not, Daiteo will generate a URL link.

Automatically rename your media according to the constraints imposed by your customers. Send ZIP files to your customers via a URL link, easy to insert in an email, or integrate the links automatically into your matrices.

Test Daiteo with a sample
of your product data.

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