Simplify the management of your multiple pricing​

Daiteo allows you to consolidate all your prices on a single platform.


Simplify numerous price updates, manage your gross, net, discount prices, start and end dates…

Avoid scattered prices

that lengthens each of your tasks


Reduce price update time

By quickly responding to your customers’ requests


Stop working manually

on the files you need to send


all your pricing information on a single platform

Import your various customer prices into Daiteo


Find on the same product sheet all the gross prices, discounts, or net negotiated prices corresponding to each of your references.


Your sales teams can easily find all the negotiated conditions for each customer.

your pricing for each of your customers

Price updates can occur throughout the year.


Filling out these Excel files manually is cumbersome and prone to errors.


Manage your public price/gross price and vary them according to different discounts, application dates, order multiples, thresholds, etc.


Export in one click your up-to-date prices in the Excel or PDF format of your clients

automatisez le remplissage des tarifs sur vos fichiers Excel
Avec Daiteo, vous remplissez automatiquement les matrices tarifaires de vos distributeurs
"Daiteo saves us time in managing our price exports and eliminates ungratifying tasks."
Fernando Coelho
Marketing Manager

Vous aimerez sûrement...


An interface and pricing features adapted to your internal language


Automatically connect the data from your information system to Daiteo

Integrated calculations

Perform discounts and other calculations on your prices easily and automatically


Manage as many prices as you have customers

Magical functionalities

An optimized interface to save time


Work as a team to import, manage, and export your prices


Manage access and editing rights on your prices


Data stored on secure servers located in Europe

You'll love managing your data