Manage your different rates.

Gérer plusieurs tarifs clients sur une seule plateforme PIM

Centralize all your general
and specific rates.

Import your different customer prices into Daiteo, and find on the same product sheet all the gross prices, discounts or net prices negotiated for each of your references.

Your sales teams can easily find all the conditions negotiated for each customer.

Adapt your pricing to each of your customers.

Each time you change your rates, you have to redo the file for each client ? Don’t waste your time.

Manage the public price / gross price and decline them according to the different discounts, application dates, order multiples, thresholds, etc.

Integrate the correct updated price directly into your matrices and easily transmit it to your customer.

Adaptez vos tarifs selon vos clients

Test Daiteo with a sample
of your product data.

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