Automatically generate a FAB-DIS file.

Avoid redoing the work each time
you have a new request.

A file in FAB-DIS format maintained by hand in Excel is almost impossible. Consisting of several hundred or even thousands of lines, manual management is tedious and above all a source of errors.

  • This file has several tabs to be filled in with constraints and a very specific language on the data format.
  • It is a file format that is bound to evolve constantly, and version 3.0 will soon be released.
Les données sont centralisées sur Daiteo
Exporter automatiquement ses données produits sous le format FAB-DIS

Save time by automatically exporting
your data in FAB-DIS format.

Daiteo has developed a special feature to respond quickly to your customers’ requests.

In just a few minutes, the data is automatically converted into the format required by the FAB-DIS regulations.

The FAB-DIS format becomes a means of conveying information: you manage your internal language on Daiteo and our solution takes care of the FAB-DIS translation.

We guarantee error-free and 100% compliant files.

Each new version of FAB-DIS is automatically taken into account.

Manage ETIM classification.

Don't ask yourself any more questions,
Daiteo does the work for you !

Member of the ETIM association, we integrate directly the classification in Daiteo. Do not waste time looking for what each code corresponds to. 

Select the first ETIM class that defines your product, and easily fill in the data thanks to the pre-saved possibilities. All characteristics related to the class automatically appear with the right units.  

Start enriching your technical data with this international and scalable classification.

Exporter automatiquement ses données produits sous le format EIM

Test Daiteo with a sample
of your product data.

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