Distribute your products to your clients in 3 clicks

A simple tool to centralize your product information and distribute it in the requested format

Eliminate repetitive tasks

Stop wasting time on Excel

Increase your visibility

Improve the listing of your products

Boost your sales

Your products go on sale faster

Spread your product information everywhere.

Manage them with one tool

A single tool to centralize and manage your product catalog data, your media, and your prices.
A modern, intuitive interface, with features that meet daily needs.

Daiteo's key features

your products to
your sales channels

  • Export your data in the required format (specific Excel, FAB-DIS, BMECat, PDF…).
  • With a single click, export your data tailored to the requests of your distributors and partners.
  • Reference your products more quickly and with higher quality data.
Sélectionnez vos produits sur Daiteo puis exportez les en un clic dans tous vos formats nécessaires

commercial documents

  • Easily build PDF templates according to your needs.
  • Customize your documents to reflect your company’s image.
  • Generate product sheets, technical documents massively, with up-to-date data.

your product information
in one place

  • Aggregate your data from various sources using a dedicated, intuitive, and secure tool.
  • Automatically import from your other systems (ERP, PIM, website) or manually (Excel file).
  • Link your products to your prices and media.
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your data,
work as a team

  • Enhance your catalog with advanced features.


  • Collaborate with your marketing, sales, and customer service departments, and set administrator rights.


  • Complete your catalog by quickly identifying missing data.

We support both large corporations and SMEs


“The Daiteo solution has allowed us to discover a new way to navigate through our catalog.”

Xavier Barthélemy
E-Commerce Projet Manager

“Our products are listed more quickly on their sales channels, which generates more revenue.”

Emma Dupraz
Digital Project Manager

“The teams are efficient and responsive; they are true experts in product data management.”

Joséphine Casays

Marketing Manager