Serving your business performance

The all-in-one tool that allows you to manage product, media and pricing information, and simply distribute it to each of your customers.

<h1>Serving your <FONT color="1BD5D7">business performance</FONT> </H1>

We help big groups and small companies

Spread your product information everywhere.

Manage them with one tool.

Import, centralize and export your product data with Daiteo

A single tool to manage both your product catalog data and your customer rates.
A modern, easy-to-use interface with features that get to the point.

Key features of Daiteo

Gestion des produits PIM Daiteo


Centralize all product data from all your sources (ERP, Excel, etc.) to build product sheets that perform for your customers.

Gestion des médias PIM Daiteo


Manage all your visuals, data sheets, videos..
Integrate them into all your broadcasts to your customers.

Gestion des tarifs PIM Daiteo


Centralize your price lists: gross/net prices, discounts, tiers …
Create personalized documentation that will make your customers fall in love.

Remplir et exporter une matrice distributeur automatiquement Daiteo PIM

Customer matrices

Automate the filling of all customer matrices
(FAB-DIS, BMECat, marketplaces..)

Créer des PDF personnalisés pour des fiches commerciales, fiches techniques etc


Automatically create documents (brochure, data sheet, mini-catalog, offers, promotions, etc.) that make an impact.

Collaborer pour améliorer ses fiches produits sur le PIM

Collaborative tool

Define administrators and consultants, collaborate on your product sheets.

And advanced functionnalities
to discover during a demo