Simplify the distribution of your product catalogs and price lists.

Simplify the distribution of your <FONT color="1BD5D7">product catalogs</FONT> and <FONT color="1BD5D7">price lists.</FONT>

Distribute your product information everywhere.
Manage them single tool

More and more additional information is required about products. 

The challenge for manufacturers is to know how to adapt their product data to each customer request for better referencing and to increase their sales. A good distribution of product data requires both good collection and good internal management.

Daiteo is a single tool on which you can manage both your product catalog data and your customer prices. Discover a modern, easy-o use interface with features that get to the point.  

No more chaos of Excel files and searches V

Product data is much easier to manage when it is all in one place. Often, product information is scattered in Excel files, in the ERP, and the media are treated separately, in short, it is difficult to find your way around.  

Collect your product data from different files or systems and centralize it on a dedicated software. Avoid typing errors and duplicates, use intelligent filters to find up-to-date and reliable data quickly.  

Exportez vos matrices Excel sous le format des distributeurs avec qui vous travaillez
Des fiches de données produits complètes et de qualité grâce aux modèles

Manage your product data efficiently, not for hours

A complete product sheet with exhaustive information guarantees better visibility and can make the difference with your competitors. Customizeyour product sheets in your internal language. 

Instead of manually updating your data, automate changes so you can focus on value-added tasks. 

Deliver your product data to any sales channel,
in the right format

Adapt your information to the constraints imposed by your customer. Automate the distribution of your data to your various sales channels to ensure consistency : website, distributo portals, distribution networks, marketplaces, etc. 

Generate matrices in FAB-DIS, ETIM, BMECAT formats, as well as pricing updates or respond to RFPs in record time.

There is no such thing as good product listing,
without a good price management

Do you have to redo your customer files as soon as your rate changes ? You certainly have better things to do.

Between the different price increases and discounts, managing and updating your rates can become a real headache. Product listing and price management are two very related topics, but they are often treated separately because the data is stored in Excel files or in the ERP. 

Daiteo, is a single tool that combines the management of both your product data and your pricing.

Find all your customer prices and discounts in one place, easy to manage and share.

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