Accelerate your
ETIM​ classification

Daiteo allows you to easily adapt your product data to the ETIM standard.


Convert 100% of your products to various versions of ETIM classes and automatically fill in the ETIM tab of the FAB-DIS.


Daiteo is a member of the ETIM France association.

Reduce time

Necessary for creating and updating your ETIM classes

Avoid errors

which result in incorrect classifications of your products

Do not manually edit anymore

your data on an Excel file

Manage your ETIM classification with Daiteo

your product data on Daiteo

To fill in your ETIM classes, you need various pieces of information: product characteristics and types, dimensions, uses…


Easily centralize all this data in one tool.


You are ready to classify your products.

your product data to
ETIM features

With Daiteo, you can easily link your own characteristics to those of the ETIM features.


Any modification made to your products will automatically update your ETIM features.


Save time with an interface designed for classification, providing all the necessary indications.

Vu de l'outil Daiteo sur la partie Produits

Visualize and classify
quickly your incomplete products

Avec la fonctionnalité Complétion, distinguez vos produits déjà classés et ceux qui ont des informations manquantes.

Assurez vous ainsi d’une classification ETIM 100% complète.

ETIM classes and features

Once your products are linked to ETIM classes, export this information directly or in FAB-DIS format.


Receive support to configure your product data in FAB-DIS format.


With just 3 clicks, you can export your FAB-DIS with the ETIM tab filled in.

Sélectionnez vos produits sur Daiteo puis exportez les en un clic dans tous vos formats nécessaires
Exporter son FABDIS en version 3.0 ou juste pour une mise à jour tarifaire

You will surely like...


Work as a team to improve your product data.

Time savings

Thanks to an intelligent interface dedicated to ETIM classification

ETIM experts

We support over 40 manufacturers on the topic of ETIM

Correct features

Get 100% compliant ETIM features.

Easy updates

Changes to your products are directly reflected in your ETIM features.

Automated connection.

Automatically connect your website data to Daiteo to create your ETIM classes.


Manage your ETIM classes, from version 4.0 to the latest ‘Dynamic’.

Webinar and news

We regularly organize webinars and communicate about the latest ETIM updates from Daiteo.

You'll love managing your data