Adapt to each customer request.

Automate the filling of your referencing matrices whatever the format ​is

Automate the filling of your referencing matrices whatever the format

Don’t waste time filling in your referencing matrices by hand. No more typos, duplicates or incorrect data. Say goodbye to errors in your files. With Daiteo, it’s simple, fast and automated.

Load the format on the platform, and match each column of the file with your attributes. Select the products you want to integrate, and Daiteo automatically converts the data into the required format, respecting all constraints.

We guarantee that your files will be 100% compliant with your customers’ expectations.

Save time and gain autonomy

A customer request ? Be reactive.

Fill in the referencing matrices in complete autonomy. Connect to your account and export directly yourself.

In a few clicks, you receive your export in your email box, ready to be transferred.

No need to start over as soon as you have a new request, reuse your matrix templates endlessly. 

Save time and gain autonomy​
Avec Daiteo, c'est facile de centraliser vos données depuis différentes sources grâce à la solution PIM

A daily tool

The use of Daiteo to respond to various customer requests goes beyond sending a listing matrix once a year.

Many regulations related to product information are constantly emerging. Manufacturers are overwhelmed with more and more additional data to provide.

You constantly need to update products or prices, send data back to your customers or push new offers.

In this sense, we are here to facilitate your daily life.

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