Export your products in BMECat format

With one click, adapt your product information to the XML format of BMECat:

  • Header
  • New Catalog
  • Update Product
  • Update Prices
  • New Product Data
  • ETIM…
Sélectionnez vos produits sur Daiteo puis exportez les en un clic dans tous vos formats nécessaires

Reduce the time

required to create and update your BMECat file

Avoid errors

that lead to EDI errors

End outsourcing

take control of your data

your product data on Daiteo

To fill your BMECat, you need various information: characteristics, logistics, prices, media…


Centralize all this data easily on a single tool.


You are ready to create your BME Cat.

just once and let the magic happen

Easily set up your BMECat creation or delegate to our expert teams.


All in one place: Daiteo tells you what data is needed for each field.


Easily adapt your product data to what is expected in the XML format to share your product data.

Paramétrez votre BMECat facilement
Vu de l'outil Daiteo sur la partie Produits

your incomplete products

With the Completion feature, distinguish your products that are already complete from those with missing information.


Ensure a 100% complete BMECat file.

your BMECat in 3 clicks

Once your setup is done, select the necessary products and choose the BMECat export.


Choose the price to apply, the language, and the ETIM version.


In 3 clicks, you export your BMECat.

Sélectionnez vos produits sur Daiteo puis exportez les en un clic dans tous vos formats nécessaires
Gérez vos classes ETIM avec Daiteo

Manage your ETIM classes with Daiteo

As a member of the ETIM association, we directly integrate the classification into Daiteo.


Select the first ETIM class that defines your product, and easily fill in the data thanks to pre-recorded options.


All characteristics related to the class automatically appear with the correct units.

You'll surely like...


Work as a team to improve your product data.

Error report

After exporting your products, get an automatic error report.

BMECat Expertise

We support many industrial companies with BMECat

Easy update

Product and price changes are easily applicable.

Automated connection

Automatically connect your website data to Daiteo to create your BMECat

From a version to another

Quickly adapt your BMECat from one version to another

Webinar and updates

We regularly organize webinars and communicate about BMECat and Daiteo updates

You'll love managing data