Daiteo PIM to regain control of your data

Centralize all your product data: features, marketing texts, logistic data, media, prices…


Improve your data with advanced functionalities and collaboration between your departments.

Sélectionnez vos produits sur Daiteo puis exportez les en un clic dans tous vos formats nécessaires

Avoid scattered data

That lengthen each of your tasks


No more Excel with 100 columns

That lead to errors and missing information

Reduce the silo effect

That slows down all your services


all the information related to your products on a single platform

Dimensions, marketing texts, logistic information, prices, media, documents…


All these product data are scattered between your services and computer systems.


Daiteo allows aggregating product information from different sources on a dedicated, intuitive, and secure tool.

your products, media, and prices on the same platform

We aim to provide you with a tool that gathers all the information related to your products.


By integrating your media and prices into Daiteo, you make managing all your products easier.

importez vos données sous tout format : texte, images, document, tarifs...
Sélectionnez vos produits sur Daiteo puis exportez les en un clic dans tous vos formats nécessaires

your catalog with advanced functionalities

The functionalities of Daiteo allow structuring and improving your catalog.


Thanks to the centralization of your products, your media, and your prices, these data are connected and ready to be exploited for your clients.


Save time with smart functionalities developed for your everyday actions.

among different roles ansd departments

Involve marketing, sales, and customer service departments to place product data at the center of your organization.


Manage your users in different groups – specific access rights.


Differentiate those who consult the data and those who export it.


Identify errors and share them with your colleagues.

Technical features
Marketing texts

Quickly your areas for improvement

Quickly visualize the data expected by your distributors and missing from your Daiteo base.

"The Daiteo PIM solution allowed us to discover a new way of navigating through our catalog."
Xavier Barthélemy
Digital & E-Commerce Project Manager

Key PIM functionalities


An interface and product sheets adapted to your internal language


Automatically connect the data from your information system to Daiteo

Multilingual contents

Switch from one language to another in 1 click

The models

Create umbrella products and work on the variants


Magical functionalities

An optimized interface to save time


Work as a team to improve your product data


Manage access and editing rights


Data stored on secure servers located in Europe

You'll love managing data