Stop spending hours managing
your product data.

Les fiches de données produits chez Daiteo

Customization of product sheets

It is important to speak the same language to better understand each other. Customize your product sheets in your internal language, configure as many attributes as you want for complete and scalable sheets.

Find directly on the product sheet the different translations and media that are attached to it.

Intelligent filters

Don’t waste any more time finding the information you are looking for thanks to the smart filters. 

Filter products with certain conditions : SKU, sizes, colors, categories, etc.

So much more convenient than doing “V Search” on an Excel sheet, isn’t it ? 

Vous pouvez personnaliser vos fiches de données produits
Des fiches de données produits complètes et de qualité grâce aux modèles


Do you have products that differ just by their color?

Instead of wasting time making the change on each product, create a hat product and quickly change the products attached to it.

PDF exports

Create custom templates for offers, brochures and data sheets.

Integrate your corporate identity and logo to get PDFs that look like you. Select the products you want to export and Daiteo will automatically integrate the data.

Exportez facilement vos données produits en PDF
Gérez vos données produits en multilingue

Multilingual contents

No more Excel files per language.

Simplify your life by centralizing the different translations on each product sheet.

Switch from one language to another in one click. Easy to find and easy to manage !

Test Daiteo with a sample
of your product data.

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