Enhance the existing PIM with an export module

  • Company : Tarkett
  • Sector : Floor covering
  • Number of countries distributed in: 100

Daiteo used as an export module

in addition to the existing PIM

Files completed in a few minutes

Instead of several hours

Products available in 36 different languages

Easily on Daiteo

Tarkett, a world leader in flooring

Tarkett, a world leader in flooring, has 34 industrial sites around the world and nearly 12,000 employees.


The manufacturer sells its products in about a hundred countries. For them, it was necessary to find a solution to help each country respond effectively to local customer requests.

The old PIM not adapted to the multiple requests of distributors

The issues

  • An increase in product data exchanges with distributors
  • Exchanges that result in manual and repetitive work for marketing teams
  • An existing PIM at the group level but not specialized in export

“Whether at the French or European level, the issues regarding product data exchanges are the same.


In each country, distributors ask to fill in matrices in different formats, send updates regularly, or transmit other files such as media.


The Covid crisis has only increased the frequency and volume of data to be communicated. Indeed, marketing teams find themselves managing multiple requests manually, which leads to colossal time loss.”

Florence Montanari
Web Platform Specialist EMEA

Daiteo used in addition to an existing PIM

Daiteo can be used as an export module in addition to your PIM. The module allows for easily configuring exports to imposed formats.

“In Europe, we already have a PIM that centralizes all data and allows each division to choose the products it will offer to its local distributors.


Thanks to an automatic connection, product information is directly attached to Daiteo. Thus, users from different countries have access to the Daiteo database to retrieve the data they need.


This process allows, on one hand, not to multiply data sources. And on the other hand, to save time in exchanges with clients.”

The project launch in Poland

“We implemented the Daiteo solution with the group IT service and the EMEA division. The first “pilot” country to carry the project was Poland with four users.


To streamline the work, we collected the main client files used in Poland to configure them on Daiteo.


Then, once on-site, we trained the Polish users on the Daiteo tool, and we configured the files together.


The goal was to present them with concrete cases so they could quickly become autonomous.”

Respond quickly to customer requests

“To conclude, the pilot project led by Poland for a few months is very satisfactory.


Indeed, users save a lot of time and are able to respond quickly to customer requests.


For example, instead of spending several hours processing a file, today it only takes a few minutes.


Besides saving time, Daiteo allows us to offer better service to our clients. We chose Daiteo because it seemed to us the most advanced solution in terms of use for countries, and with a matrix rendering faithful to client expectations.


Furthermore, the fact that it is a startup with the possibility to participate in the deployment of new functionalities was something that attracted us.


Finally, the cost of the Daiteo solution is very reasonable compared to the competition.

We will continue the deployment of the Daiteo solution in other European countries such as Spain, France, and Germany.”

About Daiteo

Daiteo is the ideal solution for companies looking to regain control of their product data and streamline their exchanges with their clients and distributors.


As a PIM & DAM solution, Daiteo helps companies to centralize, manage, and quickly export their product data, while offering specific functionalities for media storage, collaboration among employees, and much more.


More than 70 clients such as AkzoNobel, Daikin, Signify, Toshiba, as well as many other brands worldwide, but also SMEs, have chosen Daiteo to propel their commercial strategy.


Founded in 2018, Daiteo has a dedicated team of experts and manages millions of products in various sectors, including industry, retail, food, and many others.