Same business needs but different stories.

Our clients are SMBs or Enterprises selling their products through professional distributors. 

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Why choosing Daiteo for your project

Manage your specific regulations

Your industry is regulated by some specific production rules. Your products often need to be certified before being offered for sales. Daiteo allows you to edit all these informations on your productsheets. 

Stock your media and share them easily

All your medias (photos, technical datasheets, notices) are gathered and classified on Daiteo. Following the import they will be assigned to each of your products. Daiteo is also able to create an URL allowing authorized people to download it. 

Update massively your products

The “model” feature is very usefull when you have a product range where the only difference is for example the color. Create a parent product and all the changes you do on this product is edit on the others. 

Automate data exchange with your clients

Our technology helps you to convert your data in the format asked by your distributors. After a friendly setting a few minutes allow you to create a compliant format ready to be sent ! 


Daiteo team masters product data managment. The software is easy-to-use and fit to your business needs.”

Joséphine Casays,
Marketing Manager, BLAKLADER FRANCE