Same business needs but different stories.

Our clients are SMBs or Enterprises selling their products in DIY stores.

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Centralized your product data on an easy-to-use software

Excel is a great tool but not really done for an efficient product data organisation. The risk is to make difficult to identify mistakes and loose time. Daiteo allow you to be more confortable with these issues thanks to a collaborative and friendly software. We have developped this helpful tool for all your collegues – Marketing, sales, IT, Sales administration.

Convert your product data in any format

To boost you sales you need to provide quality and useable content to your distributors. 

Filter your attributes to identify products easily

The advanced filters make your day to day life easier. Thanks to this feature you can filter on any caracteristics (SKU, size, weight) to identify gaps or get a product list thanks to a common attribute. Some combinations help a lot.

Duplicate a change on several products

The “model” feature is very usefull when you have a product range where the only difference is for example the color. Create a parent product and all the changes you do on this product is edit on the others. 


Daiteo offer you a customized software adaptable to a specific business need. Daiteo teams have developped some features to be perfectly align with industrial manufacturers challenges.”

Olivier Bortot,
Marketing Director , ITW