Reduice your time-to-market

Sell more, sell better, sell fast. To do this, there is only one solution: digitalize your management and relationships with your distributors.

Just as you have an ERP to manage your orders and a CRM to centralize your sales process, Daiteo controls and facilitates the sharing of your product information.

  • Centralize all your data on a single platform to be efficient.
  • Enhance the quality of your data with intelligent tools for better sales.
  • Automate data sharing with your distributors to save time.

No constraints

Do you feel like you’re embarking on a complex project? And that it’s better to have a healthy database before you start?  Not true.

Daiteo proves you wrong:

  • Daiteo can be integrated into your information system in just three weeks.
  • A structured process for easy management.

You don’t have to wait until your database is healthy before you can get started. Daiteo’s intelligent tools allow you to enrich your product data automatically and avoid errors.

Make the right choice

When you choose a software to manage a part of your business, you often have two things in mind :  a quick start-up and a budget.

Daiteo meets these two requirements with :

  • A solution that is easy to use, your teams are quickly operational.
  • Pricing tailored to small businesses.

The icing on the cake: our solution is agile, it evolves constantly based on customer feedback, and we share it with all users.

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