Save time for sales representatives

  • Company Tramico
  • Industry : Sealing and acoustics for construction
  • Number of product references: 500
  • Number of Daiteo users: +20

Tramico is a company recognized for its expertise in the field of sealing joinery and facades, as well as in acoustic underlays, with more than 60 years of experience.


The manufacturer was already equipped with a PIM but wanted to change solutions to find a tool that better met its expectations.

A PIM that no longer met needs

The issues : 

  • The existing PIM no longer met expectations
    A lack of flexibility, ergonomics, but especially a PIM that no longer met the evolved needs.
  • Respond quickly to customer requests
    Exchanges with customers slowed down because the formats of exchanges became more complex, especially the FAB-DIS. Sales representatives want to be able to quickly send product data to customers.

“Before using a PIM, our product data was spread between different Excel files and our ERP.


The main reasons that led us to use a PIM solution were both to centralize our product information and to update it quickly.


After 3 years of using a product repository PIM, we decided to switch to a solution that better suited our needs and was more competitive in terms of price.


We chose the Daiteo solution for its features such as rates management or the automatic export of our catalog in the FAB-DIS format, services that we did not benefit from before, all at a more attractive rate.”

Emilie Griveau
Marketing Manager

Save time for sales representatives

The PIM and Export solutions from Daiteo have enabled Tramico’s teams to aggregate and centralize product data on a single platform and distribute it accurately and quickly to all their customers.

An intuitive interface

“To date, we have about 20 collaborators, spread across different services, who use the Daiteo platform daily.


The interface being very intuitive, they find updated information more easily than before.


We have distributors who ask us to communicate our product data to them in very different formats: pre-filled matrices, empty or in FAB-DIS format.


The Daiteo tool is perfect for responding to this kind of request.”

Autonomous sales representatives

“The Quick Export is the most used functionality by our sales representatives.

Indeed, it allows them in just 3 clicks to filter and export the product data they need.


Thanks to this smart functionality, our sales representatives are autonomous; they do their exports themselves.”

A tailor-made tool

“I recommend the Daiteo solution to industrial manufacturers without hesitation.

It brings real added value to product data management: time-saving, quick to implement, easy to use, and budget-friendly.


Daiteo offers different subscription tiers, allowing any manufacturer, even small structures, to find what they need.

The fact that Daiteo is a start-up is a real strength.


As a customer, we feel that our comments are taken into account, the teams adapt to our needs, and the support is extremely careful.”

The 3 main reasons to choose the Daiteo solution:

  • Tariff management and FAB-DIS export

  • The ease of use, very intuitive and accessible

  • The close relationship and extensive support


Emilie Griveau
Marketing Manager

About Daiteo

Daiteo is the ideal solution for companies looking to regain control of their product data and streamline their exchanges with their clients and distributors.


As a PIM & DAM solution, Daiteo helps companies to centralize, manage, and quickly export their product data, while offering specific functionalities for media storage, collaboration among employees, and much more.


More than 70 clients such as AkzoNobel, Daikin, Signify, Toshiba, as well as many other brands worldwide, but also SMEs, have chosen Daiteo to propel their commercial strategy.


Founded in 2018, Daiteo has a dedicated team of experts and manages millions of products in various sectors, including industry, retail, food, and many others.