Generate a FAB-DIS quickly and easily

  • Company: OBO Bettermann
  • Industry: Electrical equipment manufacturing
  • Number of product references : 14 000

150 hours saved

on FAB-DIS generation

Over 14 000 products

centralized on Daiteo

Data validated by EasyCheck

The OBO Bettermann group specializes in the design of electrical equipment and has 45 subsidiaries around the world.


The manufacturer has approximately 14,000 product references common to all subsidiaries.


The digitalization of the industrial world

The challenges :

  • Automate the sharing of product data 

To be efficient, manufacturers must be increasingly responsive to distributor requests. Each day lost filling out files means lost revenue.


  • Simplify the creation and updating of FAB-DIS and ETIM

The FAB-DIS format is increasingly favored by industrial distributors.
Filling out the file manually is time-consuming and prone to error.

“Today, the main distributors impose FAB-DIS format matrices on us; this has become a contractual obligation.


Although the ETIM tab is not made mandatory by our distributors, it is strongly advised because it has a positive impact on the visibility of products on e-commerce sites.


In the industrial world, the future is digitalization.


As an industrial manufacturer, it is essential to automate the sharing of our product data if we want to continue to be efficient and gain productivity.


Before our collaboration with Daiteo, we filled FAB-DIS files by hand.


This was counterproductive, we lost a lot of time, and doing this task manually only increased our risk of error, especially when filling the logistics and ETIM tabs.


Our main need was therefore to find software that could automate the generation of matrices in the FAB-DIS format.”

Samuel Poignant
Operation Director

Daiteo saved me 150 hours of work time

“The setup with Daiteo was simple, smooth, and fast.


After retrieving all of our product information, the Daiteo teams configured our attributes, and we proceeded to match the data to correspond with the attributes necessary for constructing the FAB-DIS format.


Today, the generation of FAB-DIS matrices is done with 1 click, and I can say that Daiteo has saved me nearly 150 hours of work time, and the data is always 100% validated by EasyCheck.


The Daiteo solution brings us real added value in our exchanges with our distributors.”

Generate your FAB-DIS in 3 clicks Thanks to Easy check conformity, Error report and ETIM classification, Daiteo is recognized FAB-DIS Inside

A tool that meets needs

 “We consulted several PIM solution providers before making our choice.


In most cases, the service providers offered us a PIM tool in its entirety with features we didn’t need.


Daiteo immediately understood our expectations and offered us a tailored offer with features focused on our need.


Furthermore, what attracted us was the ability to benefit from the agility of a startup such as Daiteo.


Indeed, the teams are always available, experts in their field, and ready to evolve the software based on our feedback.”

The 3 main reasons for choosing the Daiteo solution:

  • Precisely meets the needs related to FAB-DIS
  • A significant time-saving
  • An agile and expert company
Samuel Poignant
Operation Director

About Daiteo

Daiteo is the ideal solution for companies looking to regain control of their product data and streamline their exchanges with their clients and distributors.


Daiteo helps companies to centralize, manage, and quickly export their product data, while offering specific functionalities for media storage, collaboration among employees, and much more.


More than 70 clients such as AkzoNobel, Daikin, Signify, Toshiba, as well as many other brands worldwide, but also SMEs, have chosen Daiteo to propel their commercial strategy.


Founded in 2018, Daiteo has a dedicated team of experts and manages millions of products in various sectors, including industry, retail, food, and many others.