• Work clothes de travail
  • 25,000 product references
  • Josephine Casays
  • Marketing Manager

Blaklader is a manufacturer of work clothes, safety shoes and protective gloves with a worldwide presence. Already equipped with a group PIM, the French entity needed a complementary solution to streamline its product data management and automatically respond to local requests.

The Swedish manufacturer’s product data is split between two different systems: a PIM and an ERP. The parent company makes almost daily updates, which the different entities retrieve and adapt as needed. 

Josephine Casays, Marketing Manager at Blaklader France, explains how Daiteo simplifies its product data management as a subsidiary of an international group.

Before, it was about fifteen files that had to be exported from different systems

“Before using Daiteo, I had to export several files from the group PIM and merge them together to complete matrices. Since we deal with a dozen different matrix formats, this process quickly reached its limits. We needed a complete solution that would allow us to both centralize our product information and easily export it in the formats requested by our French customers.”

An efficient way to manage our 25,000 products

“We use Daiteo as a complementary module to the Group PIM. We use the Group PIM to retrieve up-to-date information and we use Daiteo to process this information and export it. For example, thanks to the “advanced filters”, we can quickly find products to update or customize our exports.  Daiteo also allows us to manage all of our media and especially to generate links to our photos, notices or data sheets that we send to our customers.”

An everyday tool

“Eventually, the goal is to use Daiteo daily as a management tool for our product database. For now, we connect to the platform every month and more frequently as the end of the year approaches. However, as soon as we have a new customer, we use Daiteo to communicate our data to them.”

A constantly evolving solution

“Daiteo is a very advanced solution, which evolves rapidly thanks to the new features offered every month. The teams are efficient and attentive, they are real experts in product data management who quickly understand our needs. The solution offered by Daiteo is very agile and can quickly adapt to the needs of our sector. In this regard, we are currently in discussions with Daiteo for the development of a functionality that would allow our sales representatives to export product data sheets directly from the platform.”

On the way to a group-wide deployment?

“I’m working on it! Indeed, it would be very practical to be able to deploy this solution in other entities and to set up an API that would link Daiteo to our parent company. I recently presented the Daiteo solution to our management. To be continued!