Automate filling the specific matrices of DIY superstores.

  • Company AkzoNobel France
  • Sector : Wholesale of chemical products and paint
  • Number of product references: More than 3,000
  • Number of DIY superstore distributors: More than 15

AkzoNobel has been a paint and coatings manufacturer since 1792. It is a reference in the sector with renowned brands such as Dulux Valentine, International, Sikkens, and Interpon.


The manufacturer operates in more than 150 countries and has about 35,000 employees worldwide.

Analysis of the DIY Superstore Sector

Complex customer requests

DIY superstore distributors often ask their suppliers to fill out their own matrices to collect all the necessary information for listing.


Manufacturers then find themselves with multiple “proprietary” referencing matrices to complete in very varied formats with different constraints.


As a result, marketing and sales teams spend a lot of time responding to requests from DIY superstore distributors. Indeed, for each customer request, teams are forced to adapt and convert product information into the requested formats.


These requirements can cause both a loss of time in product listing and on competitiveness:


  • The quantity of attributes to be filled is constantly increasing
  • The complexity of formats
  • The transfer of documentation and photos
  • Risk of error which has a direct impact on the final consumer
  • Focusing only on mandatory fields which leads to poorer listing


So how to quickly adapt to different customer requests? How to achieve good listing and avoid errors? How to ease the daily work of marketing and sales teams?


Xavier Barthelemy, Digital & E-commerce project manager, shares his experience on streamlining and saving time in his relations with DIY superstore distributors.

Dispersed product data

The issues:

  • Centralize product data

Unformatted data, dispersed internally across several departments and on multiple supports.


  • Varied and complex customer requests

Each distributor requires filling out its own matrix. Each format involves manually reworking product data.


“We were working on an Excel product data matrix that served as our basis, and folders containing very heavy media.


It was difficult to keep up to date. Indeed, we ended up with duplicates, data entry errors, and obsolete information.


It wasn’t obvious to know at a given moment where the correct information was.


Daiteo was the opportunity to implement an effective product data

management process.  The goal was both to update our product sheets and to be able to maintain our database with all stakeholders involved.


Indeed, employees from different departments are led to handle product data.


For example, the product manager creates the product, logistics can change the dimensions or weight, and salespeople need to retrieve the necessary information to push offers.


Internally, we relied on a single Excel file format that grouped all our product data. For each customer request, our salespeople had to rework the data from the file to convert them into the formats demanded by the DIY stores.

Xavier Barthélemy
E-commerce Manager

A tool that meets 100% of the demands from distributors

Respond quickly to DIY store brands by adapting to all formats

Daiteo allows recording a significant number of matrices. We have recorded nearly 21 distributor matrices from the DIY sector.


Once the data matching is set up, you just have to select the products for the information to be automatically integrated.


The Daiteo solution has saved us an incredible amount of time. Indeed, in a few minutes, the matrix is automatically generated by integrating product data in the requested format.


Beyond matrix exports, what we appreciate with the Daiteo tool is the “quick export” functionality. It allows for quickly exporting data by selecting a few attributes on the fly.


We can thus respond to more occasional requests for smaller DIY store brands.

Thanks to this flexibility, we are very reactive regardless of the type of incoming requests.


The commercial assistants responsible for filling out distributor matrices used to spend a lot of time finding the right data and converting it into the requested format. Today, Daiteo automates these time-consuming tasks.


The real plus of the Daiteo tool is to process each time, a large number of references.


We needed a tool that groups all our product data on a single platform. Moreover, we needed it to be easily accessible, secure, and simple to use, and that we could generate exports quickly in the formats imposed by the stores.


In this sense, Daiteo meets 100% of our needs.


From a human point of view, we had very good contacts with the teams. When we bring up ideas or needs, they are always taken into account, the teams are very agile in developing new functionalities.”

A smooth and simplified user experience

The Daiteo solution has allowed us to discover a new way to navigate through our catalog.

Indeed, Daiteo offers us an overview and a very practical presentation of our product data.


The Daiteo interface makes it very easy to identify errors, omissions, or to make intelligent groupings for dedicated exports.


For example, we can select our “Crème de couleurs” brand, refine the search using advanced filters on formats (0.5L / 2.5L), on shades families, etc.


Navigation allows us to save time and find our way more easily.

The 3 main reasons for choosing the Daiteo solution:

  • Respond quickly to a wide variety of distributors and therefore formats
  • A responsive and attentive team
  • An intuitive interface, easy to handle
Xavier Barthélemy
E-commerce Manager

About Daiteo

Daiteo is the ideal solution for companies looking to regain control of their product data and streamline their exchanges with their clients and distributors.


As a PIM & DAM solution, Daiteo helps companies to centralize, manage, and quickly export their product data, while offering specific functionalities for media storage, collaboration among employees, and much more.


More than 70 clients such as AkzoNobel, Daikin, Signify, Toshiba, as well as many other brands worldwide, but also SMEs, have chosen Daiteo to propel their commercial strategy.


Founded in 2018, Daiteo has a dedicated team of experts and manages millions of products in various sectors, including industry, retail, food, and many others.