Get top-quality product data for a successful customer experience

E-commerce growing has fostered the creation of top-quality and reliable product descriptions so as to be better listed on distributors stores. Daiteo allows you to reduce gaps in your productsheets in the wink of an eye.

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The best and quickest way to meet your clients needs

Speed up your sales while answering to your clients in record time. In a few minutes convert your data in the format asked by your distributors or create your own ones. Daiteo offers you the possibility to be focus on your key distributors while being available for the next ones.

Adapt your prices and discounts to each clients

The last quarter of the year is cadenced by prices updates and new products marketing. Daiteo allows you to gain productivity in these important tasks while being connected to your ERP. These informations will be updated in your distributors formats.


Daiteo teams listen to you, are reactive and adapt the software to your business needs which is very confortable.”

Yoann Landelle,
Marketing director, LAVI