Make product data your business partner.

Make product data<FONT color="1BD5D7"> your business partner. </FONT>

Dozens of industrials manufactufers trust Daiteo. Join them !

The all-in one sales solution to manage your key distributors collaboration process.

Manage your product data with an easy-to-use software connected to your sales channels. Upgrade the quality of your product sheets, Update your data within your company and set up the files asked by your distributors. We help you at each step of your sales partnership.


Sell your product where your customers are.

Daiteo fit perfectly to all your sales channels and distributors request.

Gardening and DIY

Food and Petfood, Consumable products

BHR – Bars, Hotels, Restaurants

Electrical goods and high-tech

Respond quickly to customer demands.

Deliver data 100% compliant at the right time.

Select your products, the related price and the required file (FAB-DIS, ETIM, BMEcat, others). In 1 clic send the good informations to your distributor

The files asked by your nationals distributors are available natively on Daiteo. Select one among them or set up a new one.

A specific need for a client or a department of your company ? In less than 3 minutes, select products and attributes you want to export.

Benefit from a data management tool focus on your needs.

No more datas scattered in multiple files or softwares.

No longer spend time on fastidious tasks. Thanks to smart features get better and more reliable product data without loosing time. One goal : Increase your visibility.

Don't waste time on your medias. Photo, video, notice, all is gathered on Daiteo. Rename your medias to your needs and upload them in your distributors files.


Our offers are based on your needs.

Whatever your activity or the size of your company we offer tailor-made solutions for your specific needs. Joins us if you need a robust software to manage and share your product data or simply to fill in annualy/bi-annulay your distributors files.