Daiteo helps you to classify your products with ETIM, a plus to be on top.

Add the ETIM classification to be better listed. 

ETIM’s goal is to provide an internationally recognized classification for technical data. Daiteo allows you to assign to each of your products the resulting classes and features. And then to upload it in your Fab-dis.

Custom your productsheets for greater clarity. 

Most of your product labels are customisable. Set up your own attributes to be align with your company terminology and conform to your distributors requests. You can rank these attributes into groups for greater clarity. 

Categorize you calaogue to find the information you are looking for easily. 

Create family and sub-families and define your tree structure. You can do it following your ranges, distributors or whatever.

A friendly management thanks to a smart software.

Daiteo helps you to free your teams from time-consuming tasks and be focus on value added ones.  

Identify gaps, find out some products thanks to special caracteristics...and more !

The "model" feature is very usefull when you have a product range where the only difference is for example the color. Create a parent product and all the changes you do on this product is edit on the others.

Translate your different contents on your productsheets.

Watch out the fill-in ratio of each productsheets. It will allow you to detect gaps and reduce them.


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