CEMO France

  • Leader in secure storage
  • 2,000 product references
  • Frédéric Deschamps
  • Sales Director

The objective of CEMO, specialist in secure storage, is to save time in the transmission of its product information with its customers. Frédéric Deschamps, Sales Director of CEMO FRANCE, manages about 2,000 references spread over different files. According to him, this dispersion of data is a lack of efficiency that needed to be remedied. The industrial manufacturer saw in Daiteo a way to integrate all of its product data management to save time and increase productivity. 

A considerable time savings in exchanges with customers.

“For some time now, the demands of our customers have been changing. Indeed, they tend to ask us for more and more information on our products (descriptions, dimensions, weights, photos, technical data sheets, EAN codes, etc.), while asking us to adapt to their own matrix formats. To meet their needs, we used “SEARCHV” in our Excel files. We found that this was time-consuming, wasted time and had a high risk of error. Today, the Daiteo solution allows us to automate the creation of their files and therefore save a lot of time in our exchanges.”

A tool that allows you to better organize your database.

“Our product data was scattered across several Excel files. Integrating the information into Daiteo was a great way to bring order to our database. Thanks to a structured implementation process and teams that are always available, integrating our data into Daiteo was very simple. Once everything is in place, Daiteo is really easy to learn.”

Next step: generate the print catalog from the Daiteo platform.

“We have kept a basic file that allows us to feed both the Daiteo platform and our software
Daiteo platform and our software editor for the creation of our catalog. In the near future, the ideal would be to be able to transmit directly from Daiteo, all the information needed to edit our product catalog. Given the agility of the software, I am sure that the Daiteo teams will be able to offer us a solution!”

Easy on-boarding & affordable pricing.

“The investment in time and money is reasonable compared to other PIMs on the market. In fact, in addition to being easy to implement, the Daiteo solution is very competitive in terms of price. The software offers most of the features we need as an industrial
industrial manufacturer. Daiteo quickly won us over, in just a few days we made our decision!”